Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Wisdom of Confucious

Spent yesterday at QuFu in Shandong Province with some colleagues and students, visiting the palace and temple of Confucius, not that he had a palace or temple during his lifetime - they are posthumous recognition of his contribution to society.

During the day, and in relation to depictions of the great man, one of my colleagues mentioned that he too is a paraclete. When I confessed ignorance of the word, he said that it meant having gapped teeth, which indeed he does, right between his two front teeth. It seemed like an odd word and he confessed (his turn) to never having checked it out and I was not entirely convinced of the spelling he offered either. I asked if it didn't mean he had two clitorises or clitorides(if that be the plural). He doubted it. Wisely.

Back at the ranch, Wikipedia spilt the beans on paraclete thus. Gapped teeth was a different story discusses diastema tho oddly says, A diastema does not cause symptoms.. Who's not relieved to hear that? Look at real 's some modern day diastema here, neither my colleague's nor Confucius'.

Whilst in wordy mode, it finally occurred to My Fabulous Opinion to search for the long lost word that is the female equivalent to phallic, flowers being obvious possessors/purveyors of this attribute. The timing of this was due to a lovely walk after a lovely meal in a lovely Buddhist restaurant. We ended up in the central square in Jinan where, at one end there is an unattractive three-pronged soft-blue pole with a silver ball amid it (go figure - as my American friends say) and at the other end of said square, a huge bronze statue of a lotus flower.

The word in question is yonic and the best account of the word MFO found comes from here. If you are a G & S fan, do read the whole entry. And if you do not know what G & S is, do not count yourself as a fan.

It would be remiss of me not to include merkin in this benighted discussion and who better to consult than Scratch your merkin here.

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