Sunday, June 21, 2009

Should we laugh or cry? The last two days of Czech news includes:

  • A number of police officers in Brno have been arrested on suspicion of having connections with far-right and neo-Nazi groups
  • Around 350 people took part in a "Queer Pride" march in the centre of Tabor on Saturday. Police including riot units were out in force, as members of the far-right Workers' Party also gathered in the central Bohemian town.
  • As the countdown begins to the end of its presidency of the European Union, the Czech Republic has symbolically passed the baton to the incoming Swedish presidency - in the form of a barrel of beer.
  • The lower house of the Czech Parliament refused on Friday to grant foreigners unlimited rights to buy Czech real estate.
  • Around 7,000 secondary school students from around the country marched in Prague on Friday in protest against the government's plan to introduce uniform school-leaving exams. The protesters said the project was poorly prepared, and complained they did not have enough information about study requirements for the exam.

Extracted from Radio Prague.

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