Monday, February 28, 2011

The Birthday of the Infanta

I write to the accompaniment of a cantata The Birthday of the Infanta, based on a story by Oscar Wilde, versified for me by Robert Couch and composed and orchestrated by my good self. It was recorded in 1990 in Brno by Honza Beranek leading a string and percussion ensemble and I had three teachers from ILC where I was teaching at the time learn all three vocal parts which we spent a few days over-dubbing.

The quality isn't great - at best a demo recording. Honza gave me the digital recording about a month ago and all I had to do was listen to all 26'27" of it and indicate where I want the tracks. But it hasn't been easy finding the courage to confront something from so long ago, which I don't have the fondest memories of.

But as I listen to it now with all the value of hindsight, it's not a catastrophe. If I could take a week off, I could probably whip it into shape and submit it to a publisher. It was written as a cantata for schools to perform, as was Joseph Technicolour Dreamcoat and zillions of similar things that came in its wake.

In fact, I can imagine it be nicely animated.

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  1. if the cantata is for free, then my son's choir can perform it in Bulgaria :)