Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another reason to be proud to live in this country ... NOT!

Czech ambassador to Thailand charged with fraud ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Czech ambassador to Thailand, and former general secretary of the country's foreign ministry, Milan Sedlacek, has been charged with fraud and will be tried in a Czech court, along with two other people, the news website tyden.cz reported on Tuesday. Mr Sedlacek faces accusations of embezzling some 1.5 million crowns for seminars that were supposed to take place in China, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2008; however, the police suspect the events never took place. The ambassador has been recalled to the Czech Republic pending trial. From Cesky rozhlas

Shame shame shame.
  1. for every one that is caught, how many aren't?
  2. what a good wicket an ambassador is on anyway. Has he any idea how little his government pays me, a working publishing university teacher? OK so that makes me a big wanker for saying that. Nothing makes it less true.
OK, I admit he hasn't been found guilty etc, but (1) is no less true. Just adds to the gallery of arseholes. Why does Europe put up with it?

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