Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fucked up story, fucked up film. I hope you love it too.


Next time you're holed up in a hotel all weekend in a country whose language you don't speak and where you know no-one and you're stuck there working for a month, get hold of a film in another language that you don't speak and let it to speak to you in the language of lerv told in the language of song. Drink a bottle of Great Wall red wine in the process and just show 'em what you're made of. I find this a very, very fine film in which drugs and alcohol and dysfunctional families play no role. Makes me want to knock 20 kgs and 20 yrs off and start again.

PS: somehow I don't find myself screaming that the singing is sung by non-singers, something that mortally offends me time and time again.

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