Sunday, April 15, 2012

The weekend draws to a close

Where else in the world can you pay £8 for one glass of white wine? Fortunately the view from the Exec club of the Westin is spectacular. A Chinese Central Park, one might say. Lusciously verdant, green moat wider than either of Brno’s rivers, 7 storey traditional old Chinese towers, islands in the moat with buildings, arched bridges, walkways with their toll gates, people playing shuttlecock, sitting in family groups, dogs having a field day, kelpies and Labradors catching frisbies they can’t throw. Even from this 23rd floor oasis with its gentle gamelan (sic) music in the background, the noise of the cars honking can be heard – if there were road rules, drivers might give and derive a little more peace. So if one is looking for peace in the centre of a Chinese city, there’s more of it to be had on the 23rd floor looking over an ancient mystical park than from participating in parklife. No respite there. The Westin must have about 4 more stars than the fine establishment I have to endure this month. Staff who do not speak English, no bars with enough lighting in them to read, or any outdoor bars, or any highfloor bars, or any facilities really. It's all a rather unfunny joke. So an amble to the other end of the moat where they've got decency up to their arseholes (apol Les Patterson) is doable once a week.

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