Thursday, May 31, 2012

Study: girls get higher marks than boys despite worse test results

Girls at secondary schools get higher marks than boys despite worse test results, according to a new study by the consultancy firm Scio released on Tuesday. The analysis found that boys who received C grades in maths did better at tests than girls who got higher grades. The firm said this was due to the fact that teachers consider girls more hardworking and conscientious than boys. The study also found that strictest evaluation criteria apply to math as compared to other subjects.

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  1. What gender are most maths teachers?
  2. Is this true of other subjects?
  3. What was the impetus for this study?
  4. The implication is that working hard should not be a factor in awarding grades.
  5. What is the size and the coverage of the sample? Two schools in one city? Or...

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