Monday, July 23, 2012

Mahler's 3rd (slow movement)

So, as I was saying in the previous twit-twat, I knew that walking from the Union bar back to Constable Terrace last night was in no way enough time to conduct the whole 25 min movement. My high octane dosage of beverages which had been going on with Sarah and family for all but 12 hrs, let us say 10, wisely chose a part of the pedestrian flyovers to stand and conduct the masterpiece to its glorious concluding moment.

In need of beverage to celebrate Mahler's magnificent closure, I was forced to open a bottle of a colleague's rose in the communal kitchen's fridge - no idea whose. Awaking this morning, I didn't remember drinking any wine in my room until my olfactory senses betrayed me whilst rinsing the glass. Oh dear!

It transpired during the day that the husband of a colleague had bought said bottle for his student party. I duly promised to replace said wine. After work this very day, Gavin and I went for an early pint, then dinner. And on the way, I bought replacement rose as well as a bottle of Casillero del Diablo rewarding the good self.

We waited hours (24.5 mins) for a 25 bus on Unthank Road to ferry us and said wine back to campus just in time for said student party. No sooner had the bus pulled out of our stop when I says to Gav, I do believe the wine reamins at said bus stop. I pulled the trigger but the bus sailed through to the stop afteer that and it was clearly too far to go back.

I rings me friend Sarah, to laugh my excellent dorkishness away. She says, I'm just round the corner. I'll go and see if it's there. Half an hour a later, Gavin, Jamie and I are sitting on the steps outside said Union pub having another last beer, when lo! Sarah turns up with my bag of wines!

We had a laugh.

God bless England. I now REALLY hope the sun shines for the WHOLE Olympics.

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  1. LTE says you are a bad boy.