Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When did we last see a new storys that related to any improvement in this country?

The headlines of the five news stories today in Cesky rozhlas

  • Police president Petr Lessy has been sacked after being accused of libel and abuse of public office.
  • Vit Barta has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court over his suspended sentence for bribery.
  • President Vaclav Klaus wants assurances before signing the church property restitution bill.
  • Martin Knetig, former aid to the Environment Minister, has been acquitted of corruption charges.
  • Government looks favorably on Senate's proposal to get rid of lifelong immunity for lawmakers and consitutional court judges.
One wonders how the government has time to govern, when so much time and money is spent on weeding out one form of corruption after another.


  1. There was one last week about the sales of beer being up, presumably in response to the hot weather. Looking up for the pubs, one imagines.

  2. Yes, this is uplooking. A friend used to be a corporate accountant for Pilsner and said that dreary summers took a heavy toll on their bottom line. I find that sponsoring Pilsner in my usual way takes a heavy toll on my bottom.