Sunday, June 23, 2013

I like this building

Last week I signed a contract for a flat in this building and hope to be resident within the month. Ain't that a gas!

The first home improvement will be a pianoforte - so much am I looking forward to it that my fingers have been tingling for a week already. I did get to thrash and bash some of my faves from the olden days at Bernadette's last week – my arms remembered the choreography for each piece, flailing the length of the keyboard, but alas, my fingers didn't. There were more wrong notes than right, me fears. A little practice may be in order.

And since I've withdrawn from all my summer work, I'm going to have my first Brno summer this millennium and in my new flat which means I'll be blocks and blocks from current neighbours, so maybe it'll even be legal to laugh after 10 pm. Such freedom is the main reason for going to this huge expense in time and money.

1 comment:

  1. Ohohoh, that is surely good news. Yet, as for your optimism, have you checked your new neighbours? Are they OKish? Or are the walls super thick in this - looks like a brick - building? Which part of Brno will you live in?
    Best wishes to your new flat, hope all goes according to your hopes.