Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Summer's Tale (also set in Bohemia)

Read the following text and decide if it describes a scene from a film (perhaps animated) or if it is a news story.

Police chased a wild boar through three Prague districts on Sunday before pacifying the animal in Prague 10. The boar swam across the Vltava river, smashed a window in Hotel Hilton and tore at top speed through the city centre, stopping cars and pedestrians in their tracks. One officer was injured in the 3-hour-long chase and the boar was finally overpowered in Prague 10 where several officers pinned it down until the arrival of animal control.
Remember, you read it here first. But you could have read it in Cesky rozhlas news. Yep, it's a news story. Love them there verbs. A veritable verbivore's feast.


  1. Hey, I was confised by the picture and so in the text read the word boar as bear - and hence found the story incredible. So I looked it up in Czech news and it is indeed a boar.
    Anyway, it is pretty good :-)

  2. Thanks. Yes a wild and boary story indeed.