Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Johny Depp's gone mad

According to this story, he's sick of his LA lifestyle, whatever that is, and is moving to the lovely town pictured below. It's in another country! Personally, I love Norwich but I'm sure his net worth of $400 million will permit him, his wife and their doggies, to live there better than I have ever done. Don't get me wrong, dorms are great, even at my age. He could even make an offer on Sandringham, only 40 miles from Norwich, which is owned by Queen Elizabeth. And her corgies.
Alternatively, and the "alternate lifestyle" seems to be that which he seeks, he could teach some courses at NILE, a teacher training institution that has made the city well-known all over the world. I wonder if that's how JD heard of Norwich in the first place.

Let us hope that his wife has fewer problems importing their corgies (or whatever they have) than she did in Australia. QEII might intervene even if the sale of Sandringham doesn't go through. It'd be terrible if the Depps had to make another video like this one.

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