Monday, April 04, 2016

Zaha Hadid

A most wonderful BBC interview: Zaha Hadid interviewed by Razia Iqbal
Pity it's audio only as both these woman have the most joyous laughter, 
peeling through their serious Qs and As. A sound to be seen.
The interview is dated 1.4.16, the day after she died of a heart attack in a Florida hospital.
However Razia's page leads me to think that this was recorded in 2013.
In addition to feeling devastated at the loss of this extraordinary person,
I am equally shocked that someone can die of a heart attack in an American hospital in 2016.

In the 46th minute of the interview, they start talking about the future.
If you ever wondered what we've lost, listen to her speak of the
challenges she was looking forward to. They were grand. We lost.

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