Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's not serendipity

It was Saturday. Waking up at 10 pm, I listened to a podcast of the BBC's World Book Club (7.1.2012). It was the NZ writer talking about his ancient novel The Whale Rider (200?) which I'd never heard of. It's now 2.20 and just watching the trailer of a NZ film called Two Little Boys (trailer below) of which I had also not heard. In the trailer they allude to the Whale Rider, which I'd've not got, had I not just heard about it.

This is just a coincidence. However, coming across that film was serendipity - finding something useful while looking for something else. I wrote about it here. For some reason to do with tagging, Two Little Boys appears in the Youtube margin while a too too short clip from Wim Wender's new film, Pina, was playing. 

I saw this extraordinary film last week. And it is amazing. Is there a better use to put 3D to than contemporary dance? I ask you.

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