Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Never heard this before - Chomsky bot just uttered it to me in response to my

  • sitting alone on a beautiful sunday afternoon 

A Google search on the phrase turns up heaps. I clearly need to get out more, perhaps spend less time sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon.

Click to see more beer holders
It reminds me of the lovely German word, schoentrinken, meaning to drink someone beautiful.

No area of lives go untouched by academia:
Professor Barry Jones, from Glasgow University's psychology department and his fellow academic, Ben Jones, from St Andrews University, led a study ...
"Attractiveness provides a very important signal of mate quality, it shows you have good genes and a healthy body." He said the beer goggles phenomenon is caused by alcohol stimulating the part of the human brain which is used to determine facial attractiveness, the nucleus accumbens.
From the BBC news website

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