Saturday, May 19, 2012


An extraordinary love scene - making love
I was watching Bent, a rather stark chamber piece with some beautiful dialogue - reminded me of Waiting for Godot at times. The music is by Phillip Glass - reminded me of everything else he's written. The cast - well this Clive Owen ain't bad, and Lothar Bouteau, Mick Jagger, Ian McKellan and Jude Law. I don't know how Ewan McGregor missed out on this film - tis right up his street.

There was a scene that reminded me of an encounter I once had, and the lad concerned happened to be online, so we chatted briefly, and he told me about this extraordinary online scoring software, Noteflight, which I am now using to create a piece I'm calling Zinc as I was just reading Wikipedia about this metal more as a "vitamin" since my trainer recommend I take 15 mg a day which started yesterday. To hear Zinc, click the little black and red play button at the top left.

Yep, it's not much, but it was fun to learn the software, and composing a wee something after 20 years was its own fun. Kept me out of trouble on a Saturday night, what's more!

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