Saturday, June 02, 2012

Euro MP sends Chilean president "replacement" pen

Edvard Kožušník
Chile's president, Sebastian Pinero, has been sent a ceremonial pen to replace one pocketed by the Czech head-of-state last year. Video of President Vaclav Klaus taking the pen while Mr Pinero was speaking in Chile went viral on the internet and the incident was reported on by many media outlets. The sending of replacement pen was Euro MP Edvard Kozusnik's idea: a humorous gesture by the member of the Civic Democratic Party originally founded by Mr Klaus. The Czech news agency reported that the new pen, manufactured in the Czech Republic, cost 12.000 crowns.
In the same edition of Cesky rozhlas, it is reported that the foreign minister, Karel Schwarzenberg, has presented 12 laureates with the Gratias Agit award for promoting the good name of the Czech Republic abroad.

Can you guess which pen-snatcher wasn't among the 12. Jay Leno presents the original news story here, and a Klaus resistant pen can be seen here.
Yet, what one reads (Wikipedia) about Mr Kozusnik does give one hope. Not just a pretty face. He does speak five language fluently and is married to a Spanish woman. And he rode a bicycle to Strasbourg.  There's more about him and his position as vice president of New Directions (not to be confused with the homophone  nude erections). And don't be alarmed by the picture of Meryl Streep's lookalike should you click on New Directions.

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