Saturday, June 02, 2012

The times they are a-changing. Slowly but surely

2006 Dec 30, Saddam Hussein - sentenced to death by hanging
2011 May 2, Osama bin Laden - carefully orchestrated blitz execution
2011 Oct 20, Muammar Gaddafi - killed by NTC forces
2012 May 30 Charles Taylor - sentenced to 50 years
2012 June 2nd, Hozny Mubarek - sentence to 25 years half an hour ago

A couple of days ago, Aung San Suu Kyi made her first foreign visit in decades.
Still at large, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali - Tunisia.

Still committing atrocities:
  • Bashar al-Assad - Syria
  • Israel
Who knows what's happening in
  • Russia, the Sudans, Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, and too too many etc?
Where are the trillions these despots siphon off? In Swiss banks alongside Jewish wealth the Nazis deposited there? In  Swiss banks alongside anonymous accounts that makes tax dodging an extreme sport?

Do profiteers from Swiss bank accounts realise that if the money were in the right hands, the economies of many African nations would be full of shoppers? Their lives would improve X-fold. And when MacDonalds, KFC, Gucci, Sony, Samsung, Colgate, Volkswagen, et al  sell there, their shareholders can make even bigger profits that return to the Big White Nations.

So, Swiss bankers and extreme sport tax dodgers, you'll get your money in any case. Why not get it via other people's improved lives rather than through their impoverished lives?

Just curious: what do you do with all that money you've got tucked away in these bank accounts?

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