Friday, August 09, 2013

Ah, the Swiss. doG love 'em

Last week, Obama told us that he used to hear car door locks clicking when people saw this black man nearby. Today, we learned that a Swiss shop assistant didn't think that some anonymous-in-Switzerland black woman would be able to afford a 35 thousand (some currency, who cares?) Tom Ford handbag. Oprah's trying to keep up with the Anistons, huh?

What surprises me is that Oprah isn't better informed. Who else doesn't know that the Swiss are racist, uncaring, greedy, shameless and self-serving? What a racist comment I've made! Tarring a whole country with the same brush.

The problem in Switzerland is their democratic system - everyone votes for everything which puts power in the hands of the plebs, the rabble. There is no moral leadership.

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